Bike Rides in SF

I am looking for some good bike rides in SF, Marin, or San Mateo county. From the image you can see what routes I have biked so far (I have mostly just been getting familiar with the city). If you make a good suggestion, I will ride it, post a picture of the route mapped out on google earth, and give a short description. If you want I can even take some pictures from along the way.

Picture of Bike Rides in SF
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donnauwanna9 years ago
For social riding in the city, there's always (but you're probably familiar with the site already).

At any rate, the World Naked Bike Ride is coming up on June 7 ("Guaranteed fun, or you get your clothes back!"), and then, on June 21st, is the Seven Hells of SF (Steepest Hills of SF III) Tour, which I dare you and the kids to do. As always, keep us posted. If it doesn't somehow make it into an instructable, I'm sure you can blog about it...
caitlinsdad9 years ago
Can you strap on a helmet cam and recreate the Bullitt Steve McQueen car chase in SF except on bicycles? I do not know what the route was, maybe you can figure it out from the video.

ll.13 ll.139 years ago
...actually, Instructablize it!
Given the classic films shot in and around the city over the years, movie-themed bike rides should prove an interesting prospect. Let's not forget Vertigo, The Maltese Falcon, The Lady from Shanghai, The Conversation, and Harold and Maude...though, admittedly, you'll find that many of these will take you around to the same areas, and attempting to follow the location routes will take you to places that no longer exist. ([ Playland], anyone?) Given the terrain that you've already covered, though (and word has it, you've pretty much done the city and then some), have you ever stopped to consider that maybe Randofo's right, and perhaps it's time to chain up that bike for a while and give them wheels some rest? Maybe you should get back to your roots. Urban Exploration, my friend. By foot. It's the past, and the future! Just a thought... But do keep us posted if you find any killer routes.
Ah, that's just too cool!