Bike chain lubes?

right so for last year i have been using 3 in one on my bicycle but i ride in dry arid usually dirty conditions and the 3 in one gets filthy very quickly . so i read online white lightning is good for my conditions so i used some today.  what kind of lubes do you use and why?

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Jonno0135 years ago
I use a wax based lube, it keeps the chain clean and free of debris. In dry conditions it is great as it dosen't gather dust like oil based lube does. I work at a bike shop and 'what lube should I use' is one of the most common questions.
Wasagi5 years ago
I personally use Rock and Roll, but working in a bike shop has exposed me to a much greater variety of lubes. The best I've come in contact with is A.T.B. (All the Best), which is superb, but not very widely circulated, if you can find it though, go for it! With lubes, there's the trade off between smoothness and durability, the thinner the lube, the easier it is, but the more viscous it is, the longer it stays. White lightning is definitely one of the better lubes, I'd stick with it.
To be honest, the lube doesn't make as much of a difference as regularly using it. Try to clean and lube your chain once every week or two if there's a lot of dirt building up, it'll help a lot!
Aron3135 years ago

Check out this video. Comment!
Aron3135 years ago
Lightning is what i use to go down hilling. Get the blue kind!!!!!
onrust6 years ago
I use used chains. Iget them and wash in heavy and hot laundry detergent and sun dry. I then just use lite gun oil. When my bike gets dirty, I use the pressure washer at the QT......then I add a lite oil. I ride cross chained so I kill chains. I have used White lightning but I didn't like the wax.
Malhecho (author)  onrust6 years ago
i like the gun oil over the 3 in one i noticed the gun oil is a bit heavier and drys more the 3 in one never really dries and attracts a tone of dirt.
onrust Malhecho6 years ago
Since you ride such a clean sled, put it on and wipe it down. You have got to be cleaning that chrome beast continuously. Hey, its high maintenance flossing around like that!
2Hats6 years ago
After every long ride or at least once a week I take the chain off the bike and put it in a jar of white spirits, give it a good shake and leave it soak for 20-30 min depending on how long it takes to clean the rest of the bike. When im ready, I take the chain from the jar and give it a wipe down with some paper towel, I do this till I stop getting grease marks. From there is then put the chain into another jar filled with WD40 and leave it to soak again for a few minutes. Again I take the chain out and wipe off any excess oil. For me doing this works a treat because I know all the crap has been cleaned off more thoroughly than conventional methods and the chain is properly and thoroughly greased. Give it a go you’ll be amazed with the results
Malhecho (author)  2Hats6 years ago
ill try the cleaining technique but WD 40 isnt good for my application. thanks for posting though