Billy Mays Cocaine Addict?

Over a month ago Billy Mays was found dead of a heartattack in his home the morning of June 28. Not untill recently has it been found out that cocaine might of been the cause of his heart attack. There was a full autopsy done in wich they said they had found cocaine in Billy Mays' body.


I know Its E news And comcast but its all I can find.]

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REA7 years ago
im going to have to say its made up because thetheres a video titled "Brittney (Spears)'s white-hot bod" right below it.
whatsisface REA7 years ago
REA whatsisface7 years ago
ok, ill accept it scince CNN reported it.
Matt21497 (author)  REA7 years ago
Well its not just comcast its all over. If you look it up a bunch of hits come up.
REA Matt214977 years ago
ill wait and see if there are any "reliable" sources. to me, any news media that only talks about celebrities is not reliable.
D.L.H.7 years ago
Well it is sad what happened to him it is even more horrible that is was due to cocaine never thought Mr.Mays would stoop to that stuff.
Gjdj37 years ago
i think oxyclean was a pretty cool guy. eh sold stuff and doesn't afraid of anything.
Matt21497 (author)  Gjdj37 years ago