Billy Mays is Dead

TMZ reports that Billy Mays has past away this morning, he was 50..


Two celebrities dead, both at 50 years old...

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D: Oh no I hope Vince isn't next D:
Nobody likes Vince.
I hope my cousin Vinnie isn't dead.
Haha yeah :D
You laugh at death!
D: I hope not too, Billy Mays dieing is bad enough.
It's okay guys, we still have the Slap Chop. Though seriously, I thought this was a joke at first. The poor guy's been rumored to be dead several times. It's sad that he died so young.
Dollars to doughnuts it's a cerebral hemorrhage.
Apparently, the autopsy said it was a heart disease. At least, that's what Fox is reporting... >.>
Darn. I lose.
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