Binary clock, anyone?

Hi, anyone knows how to do something like:


LasVegas11 years ago
My only problem with all three of these clocks/watches is that they aren't actually Binary clocks, but BCD (Binary Coded Decimal); Meaning that only binary numbers up to 1001 (9) are used.

I was given a watch last Christmas that displays the hours and minutes in true Binary using 4 bits for the hours and 6 bits for the minutes. The difference is:

Decimal     BCD                      Binary10:41       0001 0000 0100 0001      1010 101001HEX->        1    0    4    1          A     29DEC->        1    0    4    1         10     41

As you can see, the Binary variant is a bit more geeky in that you need to know Binary to read it! :)
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