BioDiesel-Powered Hauling

Recently, I've been re-doing one of our bathrooms. (An Instructables is in-progress.) This project, and a number of previous projects, has generated a quarter-of-a-garage-full of debris that can't go in our normal trash and wasn't going to be reused by us anytime soon: ceramic and glass tiles, cement backer board, grout and mortar, giant slabs of marble Christy scavenged 5 years ago, etc... When I came across Bakari Kafele's winning Instructable, Vehicle efficiency upgrades: 28.5mpg (so far) in 2.5ton commercial truck, and his BioDiesel Hauling business, I was spurred to action. Last week, he came by and we loaded the junk up to be recycled, reused, or taken to the dump.

Here's to finding local businesses through Instructables!

Picture of BioDiesel-Powered Hauling
lemonie8 years ago
Nice official (UK) comparison site for vehicles:
I wouldn't know how much load 28.5 was achieved with, but it's interesting to compare with figures newer vehicles.

28mpg is roughly my recent long term average mileage - i.e. with all different loads, from running empty on the way to a job, to 3 tons of concrete on the way to the concrete recycling plant.

You can see the chart of mileage here: