Bird box visitor's motion detector

Hi, I'm looking for a motion detector with difference & wonder if anyone has any bright ideas. I have setup a bird box on the side of my house & it's early spring here in the uk. I'm only getting occasional visits from a bluetit couple & would like to know when the're home.

An initial idea is to check the brightness of the video image. It's monochrome so the brightness reduces dramatically if a bird is home. Any ideas how I can acheive this?

bird box link

schorhr9 years ago
What is your current setup? Do you use a computer to capture the video? There are several (free) tools that have motion detection. Most of the time its really just a comparison of images using brightness or color values.
waldy (author)  schorhr9 years ago
Wow, quick reply, sounds good . I'm using yahoo live! to broadcast this. It uses flash software. Otherwise I have Winpauge WinTV software that came with the device.
schorhr waldy9 years ago
The problem would be that the camera broadcast is handled by the yahoo service then. It would not be possible to use another video broadcast or upload programm simultaniously. I see a few options here: -Use another way to broadcast with a software that supports motion detection -buy a cheap 8 bucks webcam for the motion detection How should the notification work? email? SMS? Or just capture when theres activity? Also you could install some sort of switch that goes on/off when there is weight on the birdhouse.
waldy (author)  schorhr9 years ago
Hi, Don't think I want to disturb the box now, it's quite high & has had lots of visits already. Its got a wireless camera with a receiver indoors. Get your point about the software, however I can run yahoo! & wintv simultaneously if I start yahoo first. Perhaps I try with capture software, got any suggestions?. best regards Waldy