Bird scarer - with noise

I'm looking for any ways of building a repurposed material bird scarer. Not a visual scare (scarecrow, CDs/foil, silhouette) but something that makes a bit of noise. I know a keen allotment owner who has purchased an air gun to shot into the air and scare parakeets ! He would hate to actually hurt a bird - and I feel there has to be a better way. Rattles - tape recorders that can be set outside, wind powered stuff ? Anything that might stop my friend eventually hurting himself (I'm also concerned about the effect air gun pellets could have on the soil). Thanks for any suggestions. Victoria J

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Big Bwana9 years ago
I don't know how well this would work but a PIR motion sensor either from a security / alarm application or even a motion light if your comfortable working with 120 volts AC and a small water timer solenoid (( or old dishwasher or washing machines are good sources of water solenoids )) and a impact sprinkler head.. I'll talk about a Battery powered setup, if your comfortable using 120 you'll know what to do, battery power the PIR most are 9 to 16 volts and hook it upto a solenoid from a water timer so you can turn the water on and off electronically and connect it to the PIR, most PIR's will close a relay for two to three seconds with out any additional electronics, and have it turn on the solenoid on, turning the sprinkler water on, watering the birds, cats, dogs, deers, kids etc most animals don't like getting wet and they will leave, and so long as there is nothing in the garden nothing happens so.... And other then a few cups of water it won't affect your environment....
Victoria J (author) 9 years ago
Thanks for the suggestions. I think it does need to be something erratic - if it's a regular noise then the birds will get used to it. Best of all would be irregular noise AND movement - so cranking up a weight might be good. As long as it isn't hugely loud I don't think the other allotment owners will mind - they'll all understand about the need to scare of the birds. Victoria.
Kiteman9 years ago
How about a windmill, slowly cranking a weight into the air, then dropping it onto a gong. Or an old oil drum.

Or a savonius that trails a ruler along a circular fence of metal tubes, clangalangalanaga...
=SMART= Kiteman9 years ago
The windmill idea is very good, you dont want constant noise because all the other allotment users will be disturbed so a sound every few minutes would be good
=SMART=9 years ago
mabybe just a loud buzzer on an automatic relay so it goes beeeeeeezzpp for 2 seconds every 2 miniutes?