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Its my birthday on thursday and all my family want to know what i want, i cant think of anything. Do you guys know of anything cool and relatively cheap (£30) like a gadget or something i could ask for? BTW im 16

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bumpus9 years ago
IF you don't have one already: A Dremel. Perhaps the cordless one. They're kinda cheap....
ehhh the dremel stylus is alright, it's a great tool, but mine broke after a year and a couple of days

I hate warrenties
You mean this one?
I have that one. I love it and it is still going after three years.
I once had a PS2 die the day before warranty was up... I'm not that against them.
Personally, I think warranties can be good, b/c if the warranty is almost up you can drop it from something and get a new one! :D
It always pains me to have to do that though.
Same here.. Depending on the item...
=SMART= (author)  bumpus9 years ago
i got the dremel
bumpus =SMART=9 years ago
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