Bismuth suppliers.

I need Bismuth metal to make my own Bismuth Crystals. I cannot locate it at all in Australia Ive looked at the obvious such as metal suppliers etc. even non-lead shot and fishing sinkers but can't find it. I realise that I can buy it online but it is a fairly heavy metal and with the added cost of mailing  to Melbourne Australia makes it very expensive. As I'm going to melt it do you know of any other tools or items made of Bismuth that I could use? Any words of wisdom would help. Thanks in anticipation..

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pipein3 years ago

@craftyv Did you find any other local (Aust) suppliers for Bismuth? I'd be interested to know how the crystal making is going. Check inbox for a PM :)

stivheys pipein2 years ago

try :)

pipein3 years ago

In this case, for making Bismuth crystals, it is almost always easier and cheaper (overall) to obtain high purity Bismuth metal in the first place (in the form of slabs, chucks, pellets, or powder). While it is certainly possible to extract/refine Bismuth from certain alloys, compounds or by-products, it can be difficult, time consuming, even dangerous and not cost effective. Of course, sometimes the extra steps and learning curve are intentionally part of the journey.

Qcks3 years ago

Scrap electronics that conform to lead reduction laws would have bismuth in the solder.
Short of that, i would suggest buying pigments that are derived from bismuth. You can get them in high quantity and purity without a bunch of certificates. A pound of bismuth oxychloride is $32.10 (US) right now.Doing the math... 1 pound ~ 453.6 g ~ 1.74 mols... That's not bad.

Purifying out the anions might be a little dangerous, but you're talking about messing with molten metal, you have to be prepared for a little danger.

pipein3 years ago

For Australia, Northern Smelters Pty Ltd in Brisbane are pretty good to deal with.

I tried to send you a PM as well but I don't know if it worked.

craftyv (author) 3 years ago

Thank you for being interested. The companies who sell metals are all huge and do not deal in small amounts. Others say they sell it here but they mean they can get in from the Internet just as I can so i'm now looking at the cheapest Bismuth+postage. I hope it's in my means as I really do want to try it. Based on the other users I've come across about 1/2 @ pound would be enough to get started. Here I go again!

caitlinsdad3 years ago

How much of the material did you need? They sell 1lb ingots and other smaller samples on ebay with international shipping that seem reasonable.

craftyv (author)  caitlinsdad3 years ago
I suppose 1/2 Kg would be enough to start with. Thanks for looking it up I will re-visit the sites to work out Post to Australia. I suppose cost is relevant to income (i'm a pensioner 74).

I did a Google search for "bismuth metal suppliers australia", and there was one company there that was the first hit. Domestic shipping may be significantly cheaper than international. Good luck!

Kiteman3 years ago


"Bismuth subsalicylate, sold under the brand name Pepto-Bismol, is a well-known remedy for diarrhea."

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