Bitcoins Needed for instructable, Bitcoins for promemberships!

Hey All

I'm trying to do a bitcoin based instructable but i just can't seem to find any. I have a lot of extra three month pro memberships lying around, and thought HEY i could sell these for bitcoins!

I'll offer 1, 3 month pro membership for every bitcoin you donate to this project. Yes you can buy more than one!

If you're interested comment below or PM me.


Picture of Bitcoins Needed for instructable, Bitcoins for promemberships!
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vishalapr6 years ago
Sorry if I am being silly, but what is a bit coin?!
dombeef6 years ago
Can it be reversed? Like if I have a pro membership can you give me a bit coin?

Also what would 0.01 bitcoin give me? It is about $0.50 in real life!
It wouldn't be very handy or valuable. Bitcoin is an interesting experiment in which, having read analyses of, I would be loath to invest a single penny. Mildly interesting idea; fatal flaws.
But there is one thing that is kinda good, the value is going up rapidly and soon from $1000 dollars worth in bitcoins could become 1500 dollars worth in bitcoins
Sure, but deflation isn't a sign that this is a good investment. Adam Cohen explains why.
Ah, I read most of that, and now I understand. I guess I wont buy bitcoins.
Sadly, if it sounds too good to be is. :(
sonicx0596 years ago
An instructable pertaining to bitcoins. Any details you can offer about this instructable?
kelseymh6 years ago
Why am I smelling the soft, greasy aroma of frying SPAM right about now?

It seems fair enough as a request, recalibrate your porkometer perhaps?

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