Black Blades

Say I wanted to make my metallic knife flat black like most military knives, how would i go about doing so.

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What I do is, hold de blade over a butane lighter, from you home stove and wait until it get the color that you want.

Check out my picsof my BST I, for the kind of flat black I 'm talking about.

I belive that depending on the thickness of your blade you will get from flat black till a (what I call a) "Fake Damascus"which is actually, very nice.
NachoMahma10 years ago
. I've seen some knives with a "satin" finish that looked to me like it was sandblasted bare metal. Not the black you're looking for, but it may help.
Grim (author)  NachoMahma10 years ago
Actually, Im looking up parkerizing kits. Theyre exactly what Im looking for but a bit pricey .
You know all parkarizing kits are Rust converter an manganese dioxide both of which are relatively cheap I'm not sure on exactly how to do it but you'll probably find an instructable on it hope this helped!
NachoMahma Grim10 years ago
. LOL You didn't say anything about cheap. . I think you can find relatively inexpensive bluing kits that have a non-glare finish. I haven't looked at this kind of thing in a while (all my guns have good finishes). . Try calling a gunsmith.
Grim (author)  NachoMahma10 years ago
I was looking around for those too, theres no gun shops in my are that does that kind of work. So Im kinda out of luck eh?
NachoMahma Grim10 years ago
. Like I said, it's been a while, but I remember seeing bluing kits for guns that were advertised as being much less glossy than "regular" bluing. IIRC, the procedure is not exactly easy, but anyone with the ability to follow directions should be able to handle it. Some nasty chemicals involved, but nothing a DIYer can't handle with the proper safety precautions. . You might be able to find something at hunting and/or military surplus stores. . There's bound to be plenty of pages/sites out there about gun finishes (and metal finishes in general). Doesn't appear that anyone here knows much about it. Or they ain't talkin'. :)
ledzep56710 years ago
just hold your knife over a lighterflame. it doesnt last long but its flatter then gun bluing
Grim (author)  ledzep56710 years ago
It rubs right off, it might tint it a little though.
X_D_3_M_110 years ago
yeah i want a comabt knife that looks like leons from resident evil 4
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