Black Cat Firecrackers, Visco fuse in Canada

I have a large supply of Black Cats and visco fuse. I'll ship anywhere in Canada. bromac6@yahoo.ca

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geohac3 years ago
Hi Bromac,

Any chance you are still selling fuse?

Let me know...
geohac3 years ago
Looking to by some visco fuse. Please contact me
fuse worked out to be a buck a foot after shipping ...not bad its hard to find in canada
Trying to get in touch with 'bromac6' who it looks like you bought some fuse from. Do you have current contact info or would you pass along my contact info?
Aron3134 years ago
Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im in the US! D:
lol you can get that stuff anywhere then
I know but it costs money haha!
I second you opinion
good source...got what i paid for ...ships c.o.d.