Black Ops 2 sniper

Hey everyone, I know it been a long, LONG, freakin time that I've been inactive. I have not posted any guns since the beginning of August 2012, but now I almost finished making a sniper concept. It is called the XPR 50, which is supposed to be a semi auto sniper featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This isn't a real gun now, and there aren't  any pictures of it in real life. I made the sniper from the picture in the black ops 2 game, which is in a really bad angle, with some parts of the gun distorted. I worked my butt off to make this, and this will be the first knex gun based on black ops 2. I didn't make the mag and the scope yet, so DON'T MENTION ABOUT IT!!!!!!

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What do you mean "there aren't any pictures of it..." I typed in "XPR 50" in to Google, and hit images, and I got like 20 or 30. XD Hey man! Its good to see you again!
i said theres no pictures of it IN REAL LIFE. there are only 1 or 2 pictures of the gun in the black ops 2 game
LOL, OK, my bad. :-)
No problem man, chill.
Yup. :D
don't worry man, i'll post it soon. i built it for looks, but it can still shoot, but not far because the barrel is too small
Good, good. Have fun improving the range! XD