Black Ops Gamertags

Hey this is where you can put your gamertag for Black Ops

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MattyB51 year ago

anyone wanna sell they gamer tag with MW3 levelled up an also BO.. More after mw3 levelled up than anything but just curious really.. Maxed it out on Xbox. But have now moved to PlayStation and can't be bothered lol email me on if interested....

for psn obviously lol

Winnienie2 years ago

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my gamer tag is OneTastyBurger, which is very histerical. but anyways i switched from ps3 to xbox and ill send you a friend request. im really good at black ops, so dont underestamate me with my low level and tasty burgerness.

i do believe i say to much...

Торрент игры


Add me on ps3 Techrock98 I'm on zoniez all day everyday let's get it

jmerino14 years ago
Looking for a clan on black ops2 my k/d is 1.21 prestige4 look for my gamertag on xbox is loidersquad69
add me on black ops 2. TopC_FuZiiOnZ. or like my facebook page. Topc Clan. ask for a tryout if you want one.
And I have MIC

GT: BeastMode1500
If you wanna Party with me on Ps3 Ill be on at 12:00 I live in california we are about 3 hours short in America Yes i am Beasty.

Gamer Tag: BeastMode1500
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