Blackberry Pearl??

Hey i just got a new blackberry pearl and i was wondering if anybody had any cool tips or tricks? i already got AIM and all that stuff on it and i somehow got internet for free!!

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tbilisoft7 years ago
Consider the following steps :)

1. Download and install BlackBerry Desktop Software (also known as BlackBerry Desktop Manager).

You can get it here:

2. Make device memory backups on regular basis (via Blackberry Desktop Manager)

3. Register at MyBlackBerry:
It is official BlackBerry owners lounge.

4. Register at BlackBerry Community Support Forums:

In case you have questions related to your BlackBerry Pearl post them here:

Good luck and welcome to the club :)

Get yourself a nice 2 GB micro SD card from newegg and fill it with goodies.
There's also the Blackberry Video Converter.
I also use Audacity to create my custom ringtones.
Have fun!
Azn Hitman (author)  corinna.anni.roc9 years ago
how much are the memory cards?
They average around $20 and come with adapters. It's micro SD which fits inside a regular SD card which goes into a card reader or USB adapter/reader. But you don't really need the adapters because of the blackberry USB cord, just install the blackberry desktop manager software and you're good to go.
Azn Hitman (author)  corinna.anni.roc9 years ago
ok cool. what kind of blackberry do you have?
I have a nicely abused Blackberry Pearl 8100 It's an older model. When I was using it a friend with a recent model of the Crackberry Pearl commented that their pearl doesn't light up. Even though I got the 2GB micro sd card I haven't filled it up, though I should. It was great the other day to watch cartoons and music videos to kill time. If you use facebook, you can add their app on your phone too. Highly recommend placing a phone number on your front screen so if your phone ever gets lost, whoever's amazingly nice enough to return it can call that number. They can still see the number even if your phone is locked by a password, just make sure the background image isn't too busy or crazy looking so they can still see the number. This scenario has happened to me and I had my phone returned. :) Is it just me or should have I written another Instructable? ;-D
Azn Hitman (author)  corinna.anni.roc9 years ago
haha nice. I put my home number for that thing when I lock my phone but I usually just put it on standby and I added an ICE number in my contact list, and wow I can't believe that anybody would return your phone!!!
Believe it or not, there's still nice people out there. It's true, I read about it on the internet. ;D
Azn Hitman (author)  corinna.anni.roc9 years ago
really i thought that was a myth................
That one is $9, and Kingston is a great company. Never had any problems with them.
Is an 8 gig for $32. PNY makes it, and again I have never had any problems with anything they have made.
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