Blender 3d Software - A technical question (Not Animation help)

OK, I just downloaded Blender, from

I started it up, and a Windows98 styled window showed up. So far so good. Well, the thing is, the window said something, but when I closed it, the whole program closed it.

What worried me was that it said: (From what I can remember)

Not all (something) could be installed and that some scripts might not run. Continue Happily!

Any idea of what might have happened? Is that normal? Do I need something? Will I have trouble animating?

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jamiec538 years ago
It's not an error, it happens every time. It's meant to happen.
That box just tells you how the program is running. When you exit out it terminates the program. It should say something like "continuing happily" or something like that at the bottom. Like when you render say a video, the box can tell you how many frames it has rendered and other info.
Keith-Kid (author)  heavy.metal.nguyen9 years ago
That is exactly what happens. Thanks.
You're welcome. I'm kinda new to Blender too so I don't know much about it either.
And yes it is normal.
theburn79 years ago
Kieth kid, install python for win32
damn spelled his name wrong again
Python ? SDL ? OpenGL ? One of this word rings a bell ?
It is an opengl user interface designer
no, wait, it fell back to pythhon
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