Blog Redesign

I've redesigned my blog, and I was hoping people could check it out and tell me what they think.  Awesome?  Good?  Meh?  Crap?

Linkie Link!

Also, Blogger has become a lot more friendly to making changes for greater personalization without knowing much (or any) CSS/HTML.  If anyone's been thinking about starting a blog, Blogger certainly offers a lot.

Picture of Blog Redesign
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Jayefuu6 years ago
Nice pitcher plants :) I need to collect mine from my parent's, they've been living in the boggy bit of their pond very happily for the last few years.
ChrysN6 years ago
Looks great, I have to agree with caitlinsdad, I find the text a bit small (FFv4.0).
it wasn't so much the size of the text but that typeface or font seems to render poorly as clear characters.
It was small at the time in FF, but I agree your picture of it showed the type as if typed on a typewriter with an old ribbon on it :-)
Veddy good analogy and what else do you see in the ink? The small case "n" and "o"s seem to run into the other letters in labeling the images.
Yes, that is....oh what do they call it.....when the spacing like that is off....some types of type font are made to avoid that...
Goodhart6 years ago
It is 200 % better now. Both in size and clarity :-)
ChrysN Goodhart6 years ago
caitlinsdad6 years ago
Nice, but the text font I see on Chrome browser seems a bit hard to read. Btw, that collard greens picture kid reminds me of Ugly Betty - in a cute good way.
AngryRedhead (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
How about now?
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