Blow plastic bubbles or tubes from a CD

How to blow plastic tubes or plastic bubbles from a CD.

Video is in Russian but it is self explanatory.

English Russia CD Bubbles
There are photos and a video on the site.

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Very nice.Lots of fun! Also try a clean fly swatter, or a sive (spelling?)Fill a kiddie pool with bubble water; stand in it and gently lower a hoo-la-hoop into the bubbles. Raise the hool-a-hoop over your body and you will be standing inside a giant bubble !
.................REALLY!? That would be awesome!
yup. iIworked as a children's clown for years, and I even went to a bubble seminar. The original Joy dishwashing soap was the best with a couple of drops of glycerin. Experiment. Here is an article i found for you. have fun!
Cool, thanks!
SFHandyman (author) 8 years ago
Some new fun things to try.