Blue Peter Badge!

It won't mean much (anything?) to non-UK readers, but #2 son's Instructable has earned him a Blue Peter Badge! On a whim, after he got so many favourable comments, I emailed Blue Peter and told them about it.

He got the badge in the post today (it's the blue one ), which probably means he was mentioned on the programme, and the site may have been as well (have we had a spike in young UK members?) (I've emailed BP to ask).

An absolute mystery to people outside the UK, but a major event in the life of any UK child.

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whatsisface10 years ago
SNAP!!! I got myself a Blue Peter badge last year (when I was 15 ¬_¬ ) Everyone's jealous. Well thats what my mum says anyway...
Forgive me my branching fomr the main topic here but.... I have seen that expression a few times forgive my having been locked in a dungeon for the past 30 years, but what does the expression snap mean ?
Kiteman (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
It's a kiddies card game - the deck has several of each kind of card in it (say, several lions, several hats etc). The deck is shuffled and dealt out. Players do not look at their cards.

Players take turns placing their cards face-up on a pile at the middle of the table. Eventually, two consecutive cards will be the same. The first person to see this and shout snap! wins the pile in the middle of the table. Play continues until the players' hands are empty, the winner has the biggest pile of "snapped" cards.
Wow, I never realised that's a Brit saying as well...
Goodhart's British, right? We say it too.. but I've assumed its a "nice swear"... like "sugar" :P
I occasionally use a British bit of slang because I chat with a "chap" in England quite often (and has become quite natural to do so without much thought). It gets quite a few odd glances when I forget and speak them out loud however LOL
I could have *sworn* you said that you lived somewhere across the pond...
Hmm, sorry if I inferred that in any way (I remember my first "map" entry was in the middle of the ocean), but I have always lived in this area. Grew up just 7 miles from here.
Nah, a glance as the map proves Goodhart lives in Lancaster, PA.
Goodhart Kiteman10 years ago
Oh, ok thanks. I am not sure of the usage here, but I will learn as I see it more often, I am sure :-)
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