Boat made from 12,500 plastic bottles to sail across Pacific

The Plastiki is a boat that is held afloat by 12,500 plastic 2-liter bottles. Built by Adventure Ecology and captained by David de Rothschild, the boat will travel 7,500 miles from San Francisco to Sydney. Its mission is to create awareness about the vast amounts of plastic that get thrown into landfill or end up in the oceans.

In addition to the wind power, the Plastiki will also be propelled by crew members bicycling along. Rain will be caught to provide water and sprouts will be grown in a vertical garden.

Check out the link below for a lot more info.

Plastiki via inhabitat

Picture of Boat made from 12,500 plastic bottles to sail across Pacific
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onrust5 years ago
I don't care who built it's AWSOME
cool, but if it wrecks there are 12500 more bottles in the ocean
An old foum posting. Plastiki completed it's 8,000 mile voyage in July 2010--without incident.

Here's a press release (pdf) if you're interested in learning more. Might be nice if they edited that website to the past tense.
ak49er7 years ago
Later: In other news today, a boat made from 12500 plastic bottles sailing across the Pacific was wrecked in a storm mid-way through its journey from San Fransisco to Sydney. The captain of the boat survived by building a raft using 2500 of the bottles from the wrecked craft.

Seriously though, it looks really well built. And those bottles probably trap enough air that the interior could be completely filled with water and still float....
Now someone needs to build a plastic bottle canoe and go down the Mississippi River.....
Plastic canoe....

I don't believe that this has raised awareness what so ever because it wrecked, and most of the bottles got stuck in the ocean, when they say, it was used to show people not to throw stuff away.
ak49er was being a bit facetious...(quoting a "future" news item.)

The real Plastiki hasn't wrecked. It hasn't even finished sea trials yet.
knektek7 years ago
i was thinking of the same thing but to make a water butt.
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