Bobby Pin Snapper

When I was a kid, we used to twist bobby pins around in such a way that if you pressed it up against someone's skin it would release and produce a quite painful but totally harmless sensation. Then you could just "cock" it and it would be ready to go again and again. I have destroyed many bobby pins recently trying to reproduce that devilish little toy but have not been able to do it. Does anyone out there know how this was done? I think it would make a marvelous instructable.

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A poor kid is going to get snapped somewhere, and needs to be able to get revenge. Found this horrible video...
flingflicker (author)  goinv8huntin8 years ago
Thanks, Goin'.  I had pretty much given up on my request. As you can see, it was two years ago.
You're right, that video really blows, but I do think there's enough there that I can figure it out. It all looks pretty familiar. Now all I hafta do is find (or buy) some bobby pins.
It's pretty bad, but it does show how to do it. Made me think "why not just thwach someone with a ruler?" (or an open hand)

locofocos9 years ago
Howsabout you just pm me and I pretend to have found out how, then I get the blame?
foobaz utne10 years ago
I know how to make one but I don't want to be responsible for some kid poking someone's eye out. We also used to just drop them on the floor in class and they'd pop up pretty high in the air. I used to make 'em from the steel tines left on the street by the street sweeper trucks. Now those were dangerous. I only popped them outside in the street to see how high they'd go.
flingflicker (author)  foobaz utne10 years ago
If you really do know how, why not give out the information. You will not be responsible for someone else's stupidity. I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing though. The ones I am referring to, i never saw or heard of them jumping.
Nah, I would feel at least partially responsible. It would be kinda like buying for underaged kids who, as a result, got into a car accident. Besides, NachoMahma has already pretty much spilled the beans. It's not hard to imagine how to proceed, especially if you've seen one before. One last hint. Buried in this thread ( is an example of how NOT to make one. >;-)>

As for them jumping, they jump quite high. Especially the ones made from 10"-12" steel tines.
I remember that this was the preferred method or releasing them anyways, since one could "snap" themselves, trying to startle someone else. :-) But if you dropped em just right, sometimes it was hard to find them again
Oh, so THAT'S what I was doing wrong. Last time I tried to do this my memory failed me and I used paper clips....they don't really have much "spring" to them :-) Gee that takes me back.....
Oh OK. Yes, round wire wouldn't work. :)
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