Bolt Action, Removable Magazine Slingshot Sniper rifle ( L96 )

Help me guys.

Im planning on making a L96 sniper rifle, however the main features have never been on the same gun before. This features are slingshot, bolt action and magazine fed. The idea i had was you pull the rubberband back onto the trigger mech ( maybe something like on Jollex's Dash gun ) then use the bolt to push the bullet from the magazine ( preferably removable ) up in front of the trigger. This means that it would be a repeating slingshot with no friction from the magazine. The main problem would be the bullet staying in front of the trigger but im sure it could be solved. If anyone wants to collaborate your more than welcome :-)


Picture of Bolt Action, Removable Magazine Slingshot Sniper rifle ( L96 )
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yamaha23426 years ago
dude i am working on a true semi auto mag fed bolt action slingshot sniper rifle i was wondering if me and you could share ideas
Ok ok first of all if its bolt action it is impossible to be true semiauto. Simply becuase you have to load the power source before each shot. Unless you mean something else
Bolt action and semi auto?

What a load of C!@#
bhuty (author)  yamaha23426 years ago
i dont know, im thinking about changing the idea because its bloody hard :/
mahmel6 years ago
The rubber band which shoot the bullet is 100x more stronger than the friction. So for the shooting part you don't need a bolt; it'll be cooler though.
bhuty (author)  mahmel6 years ago
i know, the bolt is for authenticity and to push the bullet up so it can be fired
mahmel bhuty6 years ago
I don't think you get my point.
bhuty (author)  mahmel6 years ago
i think i do
go for it i will send you a patch if you do it
bhuty (author)  superbestknex6 years ago
im kinda new, whats a patch??
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