Book: Elelctronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius Updated - added a (COMPLETE) Table Of Contents

This book has several high voltage gadgets to build, and if you are familiar with the "evil genius" series, presents a plethora of information on each one. 

There are 28 projects in all;  and the front cover also says: 
* illustrated instructions & schematics
* lists of materials & part suppliers
* science & math behind each project

The author is Bob Iannini

The book cost me $24.95 (USA) new.  It will cost around $3 to ship in the USA, so if anyone feels it is worth about $15-$18 that would be grand; otherwise, make a reasonable offer.

I underlined one word in the introduction, but have made no other marks in the book.

My reason for selling it is that I do not see any way in the foreseeable future, of me building any of this kind of project.

Contact me by way of PM  to work out the details if anyone wishes to purchase it.

Thanks ahead of time.
 Table of Contents:

There are 28 chapters (one for each project)

  Chapter One:  Anti-gravity Project

  Chapter Two: Low Power Electrockenetic gun

  Chapter Three: High Energy Pulser

  Chapter Four: Mass Accelerator

  Chapter Five: Plasma Thermal gun

  Chapter Six: Wire Exploding

  Chapter Seven: Magnetic Can Crushing

  Chapter Eight: Hand-held Burning CO2 gas LASER

  Chapter Nine: Hand-held Burning Diode LASER

  Chapter Ten: Long Range Optical LASER

  Chapter Eleven: Hand-held Ultrabright Green LASER

  Chapter Twelve: LASER  Property protection Fence

  Chapter Thirteen: LASER window Listening Device

  Chapter Fourteen: 12"  Spark Tesla Coil

  Chapter Fifteen: Two inch spark Tesla w/timer

  Chapter Sixteen: Tesla Plasma & Ion projects
  Chapter Seventeen: Sold State Tesla Coil

  Chapter Eighteen: 30 "  Spark Tesla Lightning generator

  Chapter Nineteen: Jacob's Ladder

  Chapter Twenty: Plasma Tornado Generator

  Chapter Twenty one: Plasma Light Saber

  Chapter Twenty two: Ion Ray  & Charge gun

  Chapter Twenty three: See in the Dark project ( IR night vision)

  Chapter Twenty four: Fish stunning & Wormer (brings em to the surface of the ground) project

  Chapter Twenty five: EMP Generator

  Chapter Twenty six: Ultrasonic Microphone

  Chapter Twenty seven: Phaser Pain field gun

  Chapter Twenty eight:  Pain field Property protection guard

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wendy107 years ago
fanny1989 I have bought a MP4 player from quality is good.But It take me 10 days.U said its shipping time is short.How long on earth?
4 to 7 is fastly.
Goodhart (author)  fanny19897 years ago
That would be from the time it was put into the post office. Media mail, the cheapest form of shipping for a book, could take up to 2 weeks....depending where it was going in the contiguous USA.
Goodhart (author)  wendy107 years ago
This book would be shipped from the East Coast of the USA, and if shipped Media Mail, would take a few days up to a week to get very far from here (like California). But it could be shipped 2nd day air, but that is more expensive. This is a fairly heavy book, but it IS paper back.
PKM7 years ago
I probably won't, as shipping would be expensive, but you might get more interest if you listed the actual projects.  Books about electronic projects abound, but if anyone was planning to build a specific device and this book explains how...

Also, listing the contents page in the topic would let you tag this topic with "Tesla coil" and so on :)
fanny1989 PKM7 years ago
Many shop is free shipping.Such as and shipping time is very short.there are many electronics on them.But i dont know whether has a product match him.
Yeah.U are right.I have deal with them several times.The shipping time is really short.and the products has high quality.
Goodhart (author)  tinna897 years ago
I just thought I would give Iblers a chance at it before I listed it on Amazon :-)
Goodhart (author)  fanny19897 years ago
locally, i.e. within the USA, it wouldn't be a problem, but overseas the shipping can be a bit steep, especially if one wants it faster then a few weeks or months.
Goodhart (author)  PKM7 years ago
Does that look better ?
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