Boston Skillshare: this weekend at the MIT Stata Center

For the Boston-area folks, this looks like fun -- it's a skillshare weekend full of workshops on everything from drag king performance to moped restoration to embroidery to electronics to home brewing.

from the Boston Skillshare website:

what it is:
the boston skillshare is an annual donation-based weekend event that brings people together to share practical skills. we aim to create a temporary space for people to share practical skills, which help us to live happily, creatively and sustainably. the emphasis is on action over theory, participation over talk. we want to live with enthusiasm, so let us learn with vigor!

when and how:
this year, we'll be at MIT's Stata Center (32 vassar street) in cambridge on saturday and sunday, april 5 & 6 from 11am - 6:30pm. $3-10 sliding scale donation and/or volunteer to help.

List of workshops here.

Picture of Boston Skillshare: this weekend at the MIT Stata Center
Kiteman9 years ago
Did anybody go / is anybody there?
w00ty329 years ago
if only i lived in boston..... T_T