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The account was created today and has already posted the following comment on 25 instructables:

"Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

( )

We specialized in the exportation of sport shoes and other products(clothing, bag,sunglasses,watches,belts,etc )which have great enjoyed popularty in the world market Many of our goods are on sales ,we can guarantee the crediblity by Pay-pal and delivery time .we would like to make a long termship.

1)Name : The perfect gift.
2)Grade : AAA+
3)Package : in original boxes
4)Color : various
5)MOQ : 1 pc
6)Payment : Pay-pal/Western Union / Credit card/Moneygram
7)Ship-ping : 4-7 days with guarantee of customs clearance, drop shipp-ing is accepted to customers'demands.
8)Who-lesale: very low price, you can make a small order first to test quality and service.

( )"

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Kiteman6 years ago
Thanks for reporting this!
They're actually quite the evil spam bot. Their ip address constantly changes, they make several accounts a day, each one posting right around 25 comments then moving on to a new account, and they keep changing stuff around on us...

...we'll get 'em though... just might take a little time to figure out their trickeries!
Just jumping in the middle of this conversation but why not have a posting limit for the first 48 hours on new accounts. This would limit the amount of Spam and might alert the admins faster to these accounts. Or it could be just like submitting a ible and the poster could see the comment but its not seen till 48hrs later if it's not flagged by the filter or admins. Just a thought.
That would ruin the magic for the thousands of paying public people that walk through those doors every day. People have an expectation and want instant gratification... Walt D.
Track down their physical address, and post them a package of neodymium magnets...
hahahahahahahaha...Not a bad idea!

After I posted that last comment, I reread the post and saw "Ship-ping" and "Who-lesale" and started laughing. They know that their stuff is getting caught in filters and their actively changing the things they think might be culprits.

In the end, all this will do is give us much more accurate spam filters.
Maybe put comments through a spell-checking filter? Too many odd words, and the filter is tripped.

That would stop a lot of the poorer Instructables hitting the lists as well...
Hah! Nice! Just disallow bad grammar completely from the site. If you can't spell or use close to proper grammar, we don't want your comment.

(To be fair, I'd probably be one of the ones who's posts constantly got caught in those filters.)
OK, maybe misspellings of a certain proportion of words over a certain length?

Frequency of hyphens or dollar signs?

I'm actually trying to help here...
We're actually working on implementing new code that should be a nice catch all...we'll see how it works.
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