Boulders rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

boulders rule... i made a group... maybe you like climbing on them... boulders rule...

Picture of Boulders rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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iBurn7 years ago
 Nobody's posted here in a year. It makes me cry inside....
LoneWolf8 years ago
Nice group I totally agree, A.K.A. I can and will climb anything and everything!!!!!!
AnarchistAsian (author)  LoneWolf8 years ago
hhahahah, i just climbed up to my balcony, it was hard, i had to climb up a sharp brick pillar...
Awesome-one time I was climbing up a 1 brick building with a freind of mine and I was halfway up and the front of my shoe literally tore itself apart and I ended up sliding down the brick which really stunk because the brick was really rough
AnarchistAsian (author)  LoneWolf8 years ago
ahaha, ok, yeah, i was locked out, so i tried the balcony sliding door, but it wouldn't budge, so i just jumped off, ahhahah
That sounds fun
AnarchistAsian (author)  LoneWolf8 years ago
yep, but still pissed me off....
LoneWolf8 years ago
totally agree there awesome
JellyWoo9 years ago
AnarchistAsian (author)  JellyWoo9 years ago
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