Bowling Alley Table

I used to love bowling as a kid and now I love to see materials get reused. So to see this lovely table by Ryan Brown that is made from a section of a bowling alley lane totally makes my day.

Dining Table Project via DesignSponge

Picture of Bowling Alley Table
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rhb.me7 years ago
 Thanks for the compliments - it took me about 8 months to get everything figured out (the actual work took a few weeks).  One thing I didn't put in the blog post - it's really really heavy, probably close to 300 pounds.
My boyfriend got 2 pin decks (where the pins sit)  from a bowling alley that was redoing their lanes.  They were glad to give it to anyone that would take it off their hands.  He made a 8ft table with them. I like your table. What are the legs made of?
FastEd887 years ago
Hmm, The bowling alley I worked at just redid there lanes all brand new they took the old lands and stack them under the new as pillars to hold up the new ones, I bet if they knew they could get that much out of the old ones they would have sold them! I did ask if they had any left I was going to make a new kitchen counter top out of some but they said it's all under here. So at 2.50 a liner foot how much would 8 lanes worth be in money? For the right price these could be removed, but it would have to be done right before they re-level everything just before certification this fall, most people dont know that the lanes are level within a thousandths of a inch not only side to side but end to end also!

Nice Table! Good Job!

Fast Ed
kcls7 years ago
Where in the world did you get a length of bowling alley? How much did it cost? I can't imagine they are to cheap...
When the old house was torn down here, a place called heartwood a recycled building products business sold it for 2.50 a linear foot. it made a great jewelry bench.
fungus amungus (author)  kcls7 years ago
Hit the link for more info
 This is very nice. I once made a bar out of pallets and a shuffleboard section. It's very similar to this.
Raikou-san7 years ago
I know I'm not the only thinking mini-bowling right now.
Very nice table.
i thought that it was a table that you could bowl on lol
Kiteman7 years ago
That is very nice.
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