Boxes in bigger boxes

HELP! how do you know what the boxes in the bigg ones say?=

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Flumpkins9 years ago
Lots O' peeps say some crap about a page source, but I ain't understandin it.
You may have to be a Pro member to have the Rich Editor option so you can view source if you wanted to. . .
HeyJD Goodhart7 years ago
No you don't need to be a pro to see a page source code... Any one on any site can see any part of the site code....
Goodhart HeyJD7 years ago
Ok, what I meant was the easy option of looking at only the code in the box (in the rich editor) is for Pro, IIRC.
HeyJD Flumpkins7 years ago
The page source is what makes up the page... It's the pages programing code. So A basic webpage is this..

<html ><head ><title >Something.</title ></head >
<body >Something.</body >
</html >  

That is the code of the page of
Goodhart7 years ago
Sometimes my boxes overlap a little, but I would never be of others as to hide a box inside another.
smidge1479 years ago
Over nine thousand!!!!
The cake is a lie.
Where did all the muffins go....long time passing...
HeyJD7 years ago
You could just look at the source code... Press Ctrl + U in your browser to look at the source code of the page... look for the right stuff and you'll see what the boxes say...
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