Boy Arrested for Stealing 36 Million in Virtual Money

After becoming obsessed with an online RPG character's dress, a Japanese boy hacked into the game's system and stole the dress along with 36 million virtual yen. The virtual resource he eventually turned into about $5,500. He was arrested for unauthorized access to the system.

Here's more of the story.

Picture of Boy Arrested for Stealing 36 Million in Virtual Money
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crapflinger8 years ago
....uh...did everyone miss the part where he was able to capitalize on his theft? the post suggests that he made $5k+ off the virtual money (i would assume by selling the virtual stuff to people silly enough to pay for it)
Bardouv9 years ago
If I'm going to steal something it's not going to be from a game, and it's not going to a bunch of fake yen and a dress. Still though, pretty awesome!
I agree. If I'm going to steal from a game, it's not going to be a dress.
Brennn109 years ago
The virtual world of the RPG. Some people can get pretty addicted. Makes me sick inside just thinking about all the people that spend their lives playing those games. And to go to an extent where you are robbing things from a computer game? Yeesh
I once met a dude(not that kind of met) in a computer game, and he told me how his real life sucked, and used to game for a second better life or something like that.
virtual worlds are indeed real in the sense they bring pyhsical results, and why not....they are just another mode today.
mg0930mg9 years ago
This is like the real life married couple divorcing, because the wife walked in on the guy and another girl. IN A COMPUTER GAME. I'll post the link when I find it. Seriously, he said, my avatar just outgrew you. Then they got divorced. Or in another instance, when a woman was arrestedd and imprisoned for 7 years, for hacking and killing a man's avatar. Come on, why ?
They'll arrest anyone for anything these days, won't they?
munchman9 years ago
Good thing they got him for 'unauthorized access'. It would have been hilarious if they had arrested him for the 'theft'
Since the young man was able to sell the virtual items for real money, a charge of "theft by conversion" or "trafficking in stolen property" would have been reasonable. The unauthorized access charge was probably the easiest to convict.
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