Brain Cupcakes

Indulge your zombie sweet tooth with braaaaaaaaaaaains on cupcakes.

Made with miniature brain molds and red velvet raspberry cake.

Brain Food via boingboing

Picture of Brain Cupcakes
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Ha Ha, cool
DebH578 years ago
My grandkids would love these, I am saving this one for Halloween
the question is were did they get the brain for the mold
From a politician or sportscaster. Size seems about right
BTW, I wondere if you couldn't use a walnut shell to make the mold...
seandogue8 years ago
Truly inspiring cupcake. I've had bloody brains (vodka, Cream Liqueur and that red stuff from pomegranates, but never a Brain cupcake. I'll have to share this with my friends that have kids...wonderful Halloween treat.
Cool! Perfect for Halloween!! What are the 'brains' made of? I'm guessing not cake mix, because that would probably stick to the mold... ?
Chocolate (follow the link) L
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