Brainstorm: Home made tracked buggy/large go cart

Whats better than a tracked off road vehicle? i'd like to build one but i need ideas for treads. i have not been succesful in locating a relatively easy to get but robust, and repairable tread. i can also use any advice you can give as far as general layout. thanks for looking.

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I think what you're looking for might be found on diggers in scrap yards, look for excavators with rubber road tracks on or take the whole metal track assembly and guide rims, remember that you'll have to keep the front wheels steering so a thrid axle in the middle might be a solution since you'd have to devise and incredibly complicated gearbox to have full skid steering which can have one track going in reverse and one in forward... You could take a jeep chassis and throw the guts of a big bobcat digger in to it, not huge speed but massive tractive power from hydraulic motors and you get a rabbit button... That would be an easy skid steer conversion. You could also look for an older excavator that has a mechanical skid drive system, or a tank, rather than hydraulic, that would give you all the stuff you need in it.
or like i said before for independent steering hydrolics
No, you could do skid steering with a series hybrid.
marduke (author)  yourcat9 years ago
a what now?
yourcat marduke9 years ago
For instance, have a gasoline engine acting as generator to power an electric motor for each side. Skid steering would actually be pretty easy that way.
marduke (author)  yourcat9 years ago
that's actually the idea ive been toying with.
They used to make an add-on for Toyotas that used tracks. It had three (I think) steel rims in a triangle pattern with a track around them. You just removed the original wheels and bolted them on in their place. It was a direct replacement for the wheels, and you could just replace the rear wheels, or all 4, (if you could afford 4 of them). WIth this system you didn't have to worry about the skid steering and reverseing one (or slowing one down)to turn. It steered like a normal truck, but I suspect you had to keep it in low range.
Hmm, I remember seeing one of them, they seems to work alright but it probably was low range only because in four high it had a habit of stalling when moving off unless you had your foot mashed through the floor, plus steering was compromised to some extent.

By the way have you seen this? Being safe as a pillion passenger on a motorbike
ladleman8 years ago
ive been thinkin bout building a trackedmover.... i am very cheep and scavage as much stuff as i can i work in a steel mill and have acess to acres of junk scrap.TRACTOR TIRES? i think this is what i am going to use as tires with a sidewall tear are no good on a tractor there garbage. very easy to find as i live in wisc.for free
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