Bre Pettis's Show!

Bre Pettis (use to make videos fore MAKE, before kipkay took over) has his own TV show, and the pilot will be airing on the History Channel on Friday, September 26th at 9PM! The first episode will be about Nikola Tesla (and if you don't know who he is then you can just leave this forum now!).

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Picture of Bre Pettis's Show!
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guyfrom7up (author) 9 years ago
related to the topic, does anyone know where to buy neon? BTW I've been wanting to know this for like the past 2 months, not because they had neon in the show ;)
Chicken22099 years ago
Bre Prettis was the best in my opinion I watched like all of those weekend projects.
guyfrom7up (author)  Chicken22099 years ago
me too I don't like kipkay's as much, seems to cold Also, Kipkay purposfully trys to sound unprofesional to sound less comercially, he specifically says ummm, studdereds, or make it sound like he forgot what he was about to say Sorry, but there was a looootttt of misspellings in that sentence.
Bre just seemed to ...enjoy it......While Kip-Kay does a good job, like you said, it feels a bit too commercial. On Bre's podcasts, you could see him just wanting to laugh. Kip-Kay just smiles.
hold on a sec, let me find out what kipkay is
oh him, he replaced bre pettis weekend thing. Hes not bad, i just liked bre pettis I hope he doesn't google himself anytime soon
Keith-Kid9 years ago
OMG!!!!!! It's 9:46! Aw man!!!!!
Aw.....I forgot which channel is history channel.....
57 on basic cable.

It's ALSO on at midnight, due to the presidential debates =D
I has satellite, and if its on at 12, I'll record it.
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