This is some of my breadboard circuits. I just got it in the mail so this is my first project. Its not supposed to be anything it just looks cool when its lit up.

Picture of Breadboard
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PKM9 years ago
Have you read Calvin and Hobbes? You know that one where Calvin asks the girl to research bats while she's at the library, and then make some photocopies, and then underline the important parts, and then write a summary, that looks kind of like his homework assignment on bats?
NachoMahma10 years ago
. Two freaking clicks of the mouse is all it takes to find your freaking pictures. Click on the link that LV so graciously provided (you don't even have to type in the search string, he already did it for you. Did you even bother to try it?) and then click on the first hit. OMG! It's an Instructable! If you would bother to use Search ... oh, never mind. sheesh
I have seen a neat little pic that would fit here:
Love the image!


. I'm one of those "the only dumb questions are those unasked" kinda ppl. That was not a dumb question, it was a stupid request. I know a dumb question when I see one - I've asked plenty. :)
But if "the only dumb questions are those unasked" then you would have not asked plenty.
Well, I agree agree about your assessment of the "question" part of it, but if someone has (for instance) an open book in front of them explaining something very clearly in both words and pics, and they ask for someone to "give them an example", I consider that an unnecessary question (making it the only kind of question I would consider dumb).

Now, if Nicker is "unable to read" (in my scenario) then we have a different problem (I would be willing to give the benefit of the doubt for someone that would not recognize a "link" in here, and is not familiar with Google, Dogpile, etc. or how to use them). But then, that would be the place to start...elementary Web use.
Sorry NM, I hope you did not think that was directed towards you, I just clicked on the nearest "reply" *sigh*
ROTF! Nacho! OMG! I hope you've calmed a bit since posting this. lol
. Did I over-react? Sorry if I did. I'm like the Lord, I help those that help themselves. I understand that it's not always easy to find the right search string, but you had already provided it for him/her.
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