Breast Energy

Everywhere we turn, people are looking for new sources of renewable energy. Using the body to charge small electronics is nothing new; as Treehugger points out, Instructables has its very own breath-powered USB charger. But Adrienne So had a slightly different idea: she wanted to charge her iPod during exercise using the movements of her breasts as a power source.

The idea may sound ludicrous, but her research shows that it might actually be viable. Make sure to check out all of the links in the article--besides So's original idea, she sheds light on many interesting developments in the realm of renewable energy. You never know where the next energy-saving idea will come from.



Picture of Breast Energy
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" But Adrienne So had a slightly different idea" Did you make a copy/paste error?
Will the piggishness never cease?
Give it a rest Adrian. This isnt just for this purpose. The original idea was to make pants out of that type of fabric, to recharge cellphones or other accesories while you run or walk. This is just another way to use it.

All that is needed is a body area where a lot of friction is created. This is simply one area of the body that creates friction.

You're being a bit immature about this......
No, I'm not. Just because I have a different idea of modesty does not mean I should "give it a rest". You give it a rest. You're one to talk about being immature!
Geez....what do you people have against me??
Nothing, except when you're rude. I am rather tired of people telling me to be quiet and give it a rest and shut up. I shan't.
Fine. Express your sole opinion. Because you're the sole one with such an opinion. I think it's a good idea. Think about it. What other place... moves... as much as... well... them...?
Thank you for your kind permission, I would never have done it had you not told me it was okay.
Oh, now we're using the sarcasm tag?

Your opinion on this whole thing makes so much sense
Just as much sense as yours. Please stop mocking me for my opinion.
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