Bricks by the Bay - 2012

This past weekend was Bricks by the Bay 2012, where amateur and professional LEGO builders of all ages from around the San Francisco Bay Area meetup to share amazing LEGO projects. The event was broken down into themed areas like: town and city, robots, fantasy, and space.

There were scale replicas of historical buildings, fun twists on castles and cityscapes, Star Wars battle scenes, and an amazing pointillism portrait of a dog. Below are  some photos I took a the event, you can see the rest of the photos here.

More Bricks by the Bay LEGO pictures here.

Picture of Bricks by the Bay - 2012
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Do a 2013 one!!!!!!!,!,!
iproberry15 years ago
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jajajaja the winnie mobil
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that is very cool!
So awesome!