Brilliant zipper mod on converse sneakers

Check out the cool mod my new friend Qarlyq did on her chucks. Simply and easy to implement, and they look fantastic.

Picture of Brilliant zipper mod on converse sneakers
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emozebra136 years ago
O.o that is fricken genius!!! :O i gotta find me some zippers now! :D
These'd be perfect for my brother...
westfw9 years ago
Simple? Can you buy zippers with all those eyelets already there, or do you have to add them yourself? Pretty neat, though; does the zipper last?
rachel (author)  westfw9 years ago
I've never seen a zipper with eyelets in it like that, I expect you'd have to put them in yourself. But eyelets are pretty easy, you either use a pliers-type tool or an anvil & hammer ;)
Those are so cute!
caitlinsdad9 years ago
They used to sell those quick-zips for combat boots. Urban Assault!
edrabbit9 years ago
Qarly's shoes are awesome! :)