Britain's Most Powerfull Earthquake In .... 25 Years!!!

Well Britain was hit with a massive earthquake at just before 1:00 am yesterday!

It measured at 5.2 on the richter scale! Most powerfullest earthquake in 25 years!

I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep, when suddenly I felt this tugging on my bed..., then the doors started to shake violently, and the bed was jolting back and forth. I sh*t myself (not litterally)
thinking it what the f*** was going on.
Then I found out the next day. Luckily everyone was okay in my house.
And amzingly...No house damage! (yay)

Oh ya, the earhquake only lasted for 5 seconds!

So fellow Instructable-rs who live in Britain, how would you describe your experience?
What were you doing at the time?
Did you even feel it?
Any damage?

Picture of Britain's Most Powerfull Earthquake In .... 25 Years!!!
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Doctor What9 years ago
Yay for censorship!
Baron A (author)  Doctor What9 years ago
I slept right on through it an didn't realize anything had happened until the morning.
Ha I remember the same things happening to me... in northern ireland, it turned out to be an incredibly larg piledriver, old house wrong placement of pile driver, felt like the strangest earthquake...
Yeah, you go through a sequence. During the 1989 bay-area quake, it was like: "Murdock (big guy) must be walking past my door." "No, that must be a big truck driving by." "Oh! It's an Earthquake!" "my, it's a rather BIG earthquake. Perhaps I should duck under this desk or stand in the doorframe or something."
See the truck theory didn't cut it, I worked with them for a while tyrefitting and that house had a very distinct 'diesel rumble' and right now I'm in the middl of a building site, one that shakes the new house regularly. Not good when you wake up drunk in the morning... eventually cottoned on to the earthquake then, the rather large earthquake?
Baron A (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Hahah. Lol.
I did'ent even stir, first I heard of it was on GMTV this mourning when I got up for work.
gmoon9 years ago
I'm not in Britain, but we had a similar 5ish quake in the midwest (US) several years ago... It was a very freaky experience, since quake are rare here, too.

I honestly thought a truck had crashed into the house. Glad there wasn't any damage....
I lived in the bay area and then moved to the midwest. It turns out the midwest is actually in a really big earth quack zone. Check out this article!
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