Broadway Photo... scammers?

Well ive had my eye on the Canon Eos Digital Rebel xTi for quite some time now.
I found and was amazed at their price (body + two lenses = $597)!
here's the link: Canon Eos Digital Rebel xTi on
I've been doing research on both the camera and the website.
The camera i am happy with. I love canon cameras, especially their easy-to-use UI, and the reviews are wonderful.
It's the site that I am worried about... I have read reviews on it and there are so many bad reviews on it! I bought my camcorder from the site a couple years ago, but my mom did it for me so I don't really know whether she had any problems or not (she doesn't remember either).
Actually, she might have fallen for their scams because she bought me an extra battery along with it... anyway...

Before i make any decisions, I'm curious if any of you trusty Instructablers have ever used the site (or any of the sites affiliated with the company) and whether or not you are happy with it.
There isn't a better price i can find online or in stores, so I'm having a hard time deciding whether or not i should just go for it and have my mom negotiate with them and whatnot...

So should I stick with and try them out for this, or should i spend more money on the same camera (minus one lense) at a more reliable source?

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caitlinsdad9 years ago
Gmoon has got the gospel right. Use to look up reviews on the store. Many of these mail-order places also operate under a bunch of different names with the same scam. Look on to find a good price. Compare prices at,, and The last two are actual stores and all reputable places that I have purchased from.
alvincredible (author)  caitlinsdad9 years ago
sweet. i checked the site on earlier which is why i am skeptical now. but the price is incredibly awesome. $597 for the body AND two lenses! it costs about the same price as the body alone on other sites. which is why im kinda thinking of buying from there, and maybe considering some other accessories just to appease them. ahha
gmoon9 years ago
I'd recommend you buy from another source. Broadway is one of many photo retailers with a eh-hem less than stellar reputation.

One common scam these days is to "un-bundle" the accessories that come with the camera (battery, lens cap, etc.)--then insist the buyer pay extra, which is considerably greater than the advertised price (the purchase of the "extras" is always strongly encouraged.)

If the buyer doesn't opt for the "extras," the camera mysteriously doesn't arrive for months (if at all.) The consumer has to cancel the purchase after carrying it on their credit card for quite awhile.

(Years ago the scam was "gray-market" merchandise--cameras are often purchased for far less in other markets, like Hong Kong, then resold in the US. But the camera manufacturers stopped honoring gray-market warranties.)