Broken Ipod screen!

My friend just gave me an ipod, unfortunatley the screen is broken. It still plays and you can ad songs the physical glass on top is not broken instead I think it is the screen under the glass that is broken, not sure though. Anyway, if anyone has had this same problem, knows how to fix it, or knows where to fix it please leave a post. Thanks

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deadgadget8 years ago
It's worth adding that if your iPod refuses to go into Disk Mode and you hear a noticeable clicking sound, it's likely a faulty

hard drive. If the unit is a Fourth Gen, however, the problem might just be corrosion on the HDD cable and will need cleaned

periodically. Good luck & I hope this helps.
GudWorkLads9 years ago
my ipod had a crack in it (well thats what i thought) and black stuff was leaking through and taking over the screen i just took it back to the store and got it replaced
I know someone who's phone did that.
Hey when you took it to the store did they ask for anything i have the exact same issue.. and i have no clue where to go and what to say ... Email at As Soon as you can Thanks
lightpacker10 years ago

here link for "enhanced" ipod video screen for $39.95
canida10 years ago
We use our 8G ipod iwth a cracked screen as a glorified shuffle- load it up, plug it into the car, hit the special button sequence to turn on random, and let it run. Much easier and cheaper than actually replacing the screen, and we're very happy with the results.
westfw10 years ago
There seems to be a huge number of replacement ipod screens available on eBay (there are a lot of replacement parts for LOTS of things on eBay; there seems to be a lucrative business selling what would normally only be available to "qualified repair shops" to ordinary people. Cool.)
Punkguyta10 years ago
Goto Ifixit

They have parts for a wide range of apple products, you should have good luck finding a decent priced ipod replacement screen on there.
lemonie10 years ago
How is the screen broken?
E.g. there is no light, there's light but nothing to see, it's got a big crack across it...

sardines454 (author)  lemonie10 years ago
there is a giant crack and it lit
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