Broken Thumbnails :(

The thumbnails of 2 of my ibles have been broken for more than a month. Broken thumbnails get fixed evetually , so I thought these thumbnails might get fixed too but even after a month (or more) their still broken :( 

I'm guessing that the thumbnails have been broken ever since I've changed the main images of the 2 ibles- Paper Lampshade and Satin Flower Jewelry. Is there any way to fix these broken thumbnails? I don't like seeing these broken thumbnails. I wanted to change the main images of some of my old ibles but now I'm afraid that they might end up with broken thumbnails!

Need help!

Picture of Broken Thumbnails :(
I just went in and tried to fix them and they seem to be showing up correctly for me now. :) Is there anywhere that you can still see them being broken?

I'm hoping there will be a fix for this soon, but in the meantime, this is how we've been fixing them:
  • edit the instructable
  • click to go to the new editor
  • click publish
  • choose a thumbnail and see that it loads correctly
  • hit save
It might take it a little while to refresh, but this normally fixes it! Though sometimes you have to do it twice. :P
Muhaiminah Faiz (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Oh thank you soooo much jessy! they're not broken any more! thanks for the fixing tip, I'll try fixing the broken thumbnails my self from now on :)
thanks again, you're the best!

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