Broken iPod's (Looking to Buy)

Hey everyone! My friend and I want to do a collaboration on fixing and modding broken iPods. We are looking to buy broken iPods, probably 2 of them. We prefer the ones with the frowny face on the front. If anyone has any of these, please post! We will buy!

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I have a 4th Gen iPod with a cracked screen (corner)
and it's lock button isn't working. The iPod can still be used and does
turn on. I would like to see if anyone would be willing to buy it. I may
be able to post an image.

TimP13 years ago

contact me at

TimP13 years ago

this is Timsplosive pictures of my iPod

TimP13 years ago

hello every one I am selling my iPod 4th gen there iis a crack on the top but the iPod still works I'm selling for $80. I have 2 cases one has 2 layers of protection the outer layer hard inner layer soft. That I am selling for 10.00. I have a case designed to go over the shock proof case it is rubbery I'm selling that for $10 to so that's $100 in total for my iPod yes u have to buy cases without contact me a

dewaterb5 years ago
hello every one i am looking to buy any broken apple item,as i am going to use them to learn on. email if you have some thing to sell thanks
Pink Penny5 years ago
Hello, I am actually trying to find alot of Ipods as well. I am looking for the Ipod nano 1st generation. It is the one with a mirror back and has very small memory. the face of the ipod is plastic and is either white or black.
I will post a picture of the model I am looking for.
I live in Miami, Florida in the kendall area.
You can message me at or reply to this post.
I attached this photo. The iPod nano looks like this.
Ipod nano-ccreg.jpg
aaronXtreme5 years ago
I have a coby mp3 player
jeff3235 years ago
                             2ND Generation iPod Touch for sale.  
+Just installed a brand new glass digitizer on it yesterday (scratch free). +Skin on it of hundred dollar bills with no scratches.
+Original USB Charger.
+Original Headphones.  
+Everything 100% functional accept what's listed below.
 send links to buy the parts new for about only 5$ each with purchase.
-Headphone jack doesn't work.
-Internal Speaker is a little fuzzy but isn't to bad.

Please send your offers to my email below, and I will reply asap. Thanks.      - Jeff  :     email ------>
jackworthit5 years ago
no refunds as is! i have 4 ipod touch's 2nd gen
one has a f'd up screen!$15-$10
2 with everything fine wont turn on? $30
one with no screen or lcd should work NOT SURE though! $20
will update my stats on march 30th! email me to ask for info!
contact me at:
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