Broken iPod's (Looking to Buy)

Hey everyone! My friend and I want to do a collaboration on fixing and modding broken iPods. We are looking to buy broken iPods, probably 2 of them. We prefer the ones with the frowny face on the front. If anyone has any of these, please post! We will buy!

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I have a 4th Gen iPod with a cracked screen (corner)
and it's lock button isn't working. The iPod can still be used and does
turn on. I would like to see if anyone would be willing to buy it. I may
be able to post an image.

TimP13 years ago

contact me at

TimP13 years ago

this is Timsplosive pictures of my iPod

TimP13 years ago

hello every one I am selling my iPod 4th gen there iis a crack on the top but the iPod still works I'm selling for $80. I have 2 cases one has 2 layers of protection the outer layer hard inner layer soft. That I am selling for 10.00. I have a case designed to go over the shock proof case it is rubbery I'm selling that for $10 to so that's $100 in total for my iPod yes u have to buy cases without contact me a

dewaterb5 years ago
hello every one i am looking to buy any broken apple item,as i am going to use them to learn on. email if you have some thing to sell thanks
Pink Penny5 years ago
Hello, I am actually trying to find alot of Ipods as well. I am looking for the Ipod nano 1st generation. It is the one with a mirror back and has very small memory. the face of the ipod is plastic and is either white or black.
I will post a picture of the model I am looking for.
I live in Miami, Florida in the kendall area.
You can message me at or reply to this post.
I attached this photo. The iPod nano looks like this.
Ipod nano-ccreg.jpg
aaronXtreme5 years ago
I have a coby mp3 player
jeff3235 years ago
                             2ND Generation iPod Touch for sale.  
+Just installed a brand new glass digitizer on it yesterday (scratch free). +Skin on it of hundred dollar bills with no scratches.
+Original USB Charger.
+Original Headphones.  
+Everything 100% functional accept what's listed below.
 send links to buy the parts new for about only 5$ each with purchase.
-Headphone jack doesn't work.
-Internal Speaker is a little fuzzy but isn't to bad.

Please send your offers to my email below, and I will reply asap. Thanks.      - Jeff  :     email ------>
jackworthit5 years ago
no refunds as is! i have 4 ipod touch's 2nd gen
one has a f'd up screen!$15-$10
2 with everything fine wont turn on? $30
one with no screen or lcd should work NOT SURE though! $20
will update my stats on march 30th! email me to ask for info!
contact me at:
Still got the ipods??
the one with the fd up screen, does it still work
Iidk yet but the main board should still be processing I just don't have time to go fix them.
saggles245 years ago
I have two broken screened 8gb Ipod touch's if anyone is interested. Broken screens are the only thing wrong, still turns on and everything.
Still got the ipods??
Can i buy them? name youre prices. Then text me at 310-626-5355
whats your price? on 8 GB ipod touch with the cracked screens?
for 4th gen mabye 60. text me at 310-626-5355.
can i buy them. how much do they cost?
hey im interested, how much? is it free?
alexgeek8 years ago
I have an iPod video 30GB, only one headphone will work with it and it doesn't turn on (I think the battery went.. again).
how much/can you email me a pic? , thanks dude.
hamza0097125 years ago
You can email me at also
I have 2 broken 8gb ipod touches both with cracked screens. Anyone interested?
jayrob226 years ago
I have 2 ipods.. they both are is a 4th generation the other is a 1st generation..both have damaged screens..let me know if interested.
im wondering how much you would want for them?
15 for both
Do YOu Still have it?????
Yana11245 years ago
Ok I have an ipod touch 3rd generation 8gb for sale. Honestly I don't know what's wrong but it won't turn on out charge. Offer a price if you want it. The screen works perfect and its not broken in any way. Email me at
mickprue7 years ago
I have a 3rd Gen 8GB iPod Touch with a touch screen that does not have a backlight or respond to any touch. Wanna buy it?
How much?
if it isnt taken yet i'll buy
still available. $35.
Just let me know.
is it still avalible
Yes it is.
twpfball897 years ago
i have an 8 GB ipod touch, with only two problems, the wifi doesn't work and you can turn it off but to turn it back on it has to be plugged in in some way, please let me know if you are interested
how much
how much?
kbouldin6 years ago
have an ipod touch 1st generation for sale basically whats wrong with it is that when it is plug in it will boot up to the apple logo the it will shut down after about 8-12 secs and all it needs is a new battery and i will put one in with it and i replaced the lcd and the there is no cracks in anything and there is schratches on the back but i have a sticker on the back and it is a 16 GB...... if you are interested e-mail me back @
ok how much
glennox6 years ago
im willing to sell mulitple broken ipods from my childrens drawers. email direct at or contact through facebook.
how much for a ipod
comodore9 years ago
(i just posted this comment because of the animation,lol,hope you don't mind)
That is THE best jif.I have EVER seen! Did you make it? If not where did you get it?
I can't remember the link I got it from, but I am shore it was from this site.
how can we post moving images??
Such a very amazing link! Thanks you for the post.
Where on there how did you find?
I am sorry, I really don't know. I think I used google search.
Gjdj3 (author)  comodore9 years ago
haha. love it.
bemerson6 years ago
I have a third generation itouch that has water damaged im trying to get rid of
Do you still have ipod
Jberts016 years ago
If anyone is still selling broken nano or classic I'll buy for 10-15$ perhaps more depending on condition. Email me at
jmurrell26 years ago
i have a 2nd generation 8gb ipod touch but it wont turn on. i think the battery dead.
any1 want 2 buy????
if intereasted my email is or
let me know
f9150bust9 years ago
hey i got an 20g ipod and yea it works then sometimes it does not i know its the hard drive that is scratched so yea do you still need one?
ipod 20g.JPG
hom much u asking?
jaxxster16 years ago
the frowny face?

I want to buy broken i pod touch 3 or 4 generation, email me thank you))))
veez12107 years ago
i got a broken ipod touch 3G. 8GB with water damage it don't always touch and take like a minute to sync with charge and sometimes shut off..
I have a completely broken ipod nano 5th generation. My dad tried to fix it but he made it worse. I got it wet, and it doesn't turn on. If you want it, all i want is an ipod touch or $25
I forgot - you can email me at
I'll buy your ipod. Just let me know if it's still available. I'm trying to test out a "waterproof" case for my 5th generation and I don't want to risk it on mine. Yours sounds perfect!
karinat7 years ago
i have a ipod nano 4th generation for sell. the buttons dont work. bt it turns on and everything. im trying to sell it .. any offers?
I have a third generation nano that has been through the wash so it doesnt even turn on anymore. I also have a first generation nano that just randomly stopped working alltogether. It also doesnt turn on. If anybody wants to buy them just shoot me a message on here. Thanks
3451387 years ago
Ill sell you a broken ipod nano 4th gen for 30 bucks, it always shows the apple logo even after trying to restore it.
superush087 years ago
I need a broken ipod touch any size, if you want to sell , email me.
ihatemyipod8 years ago
hey, i have an ipod phot color 40gb..
an apple logo appears when i try to open it.
just email me at
FatAsianMan8 years ago
hi um i have 120gb ipod classic that isnt really broken but it cant really sync music anymore. email is if u want to contact me thank you, try get some money to buy a new mp3
dyllon8 years ago
hey im looking for a broken ipod touch if any one has one and does not want it tell me
Gage9878 years ago
i've got a 3rd gen nano with a broken screen and it won't work it just makes a beep sound
lailzx8 years ago
i have a 1st generation black ipod nano. it does the frowny face thing with a exclamation mark in a triangle! it has everything with it still. hope you want it lol
lm_fall8 years ago
ive got a 2nd generation 4gb i pod nano the problem with it is there is something lodged in the headphones outlet. wanna buy it msg me.
scm11258 years ago
Broken iPods, I want em. I'm looking for 3rd Gen Nano and up, iPod Video and up. email me with whats wrong with it and how much you want for it. I can send the payment to your Paypal. My email is: Thanks!
Rotten1948 years ago
I have a broken Shuffle, the battery wont charge. Want it?
cj723968 years ago
Hey, I have a broken 60 gb video, the problem is that i dropped it, and the screen got uber-raped. All the insides are just fine though. I want 50 or more dollars for it.
Fernando B9 years ago
I have a 3rd G Ipod20g (click wheel ipod) the condition of it is fine all thats wrong is the sad face. it comes up sometimes and sometimes not and then the Ipod works fine. If your interested in buying the Ipod What is the amount that you would pay for the Ipod?
i know that your only buying broken iPod but i am trying to sell an 8GB iPod Touch. Its almost in perfect condition with minor scratches. If anyone would be interested I am willing to sell it
Gjdj3 (author)  streetballer24009 years ago
How much do you want for it?
im looking for something around 190
ledzep5679 years ago
I have a broken ipod nano 2 gigs. it wont turn on but the problem is that one of the wires(the white wire,its ground i think) from the battery is disconnected. do you want it?
Gjdj3 (author)  ledzep5679 years ago
Um, yeah. Cool! How much do you want for it?
ledzep567 Gjdj39 years ago
no clue... its scratched up alot. and the faceplate is black
Gjdj3 (author)  ledzep5679 years ago
Ok. I think that we are definetly interested in buying it. Just 2 more quick questions. You didn't break anything that could have been a data ribbon did you? and Are you pretty sure the only problem is one pulled wire?
ledzep567 Gjdj39 years ago
if by data ribbon you mean a peice of grey matter under a square of tape that was covering a screw?(the tape was covering the screw) and the grey matter thing was connecting 2 solder joints. im pretty sure the only problem is the wire.
Gjdj3 (author)  ledzep5679 years ago
Ok cool. So... name your price :)!
ledzep567 Gjdj39 years ago
(sorry i didnt get back to you earlier, stomach virus)

i have no clue, honestly.
i didnt pay for it and i have no clue how much its worth haha.

so, how about you name youre price lol
Gjdj3 (author)  ledzep5679 years ago
Oh, sorry about the stomach virus! That stinks. Ok then. I'll name my price as soon as I talk to my friend! So, soon! Lol.
ledzep567 Gjdj39 years ago
lol um, have you gotten to talk to him yet?
Gjdj3 (author)  ledzep5679 years ago
Yeah, sorry it took me so long. We can't buy it. Our budget sorta ran out. Sorry to keep you waiting.
ledzep567 Gjdj39 years ago
thats fine
are you in Canada? cause if so I might be Interested
nope, im in North Carolina USA. and besides, i think i got rid of it...
Im willing to buy if you didnt get rid of it
ledzep567 Gjdj39 years ago
k lol