Bronze Rubiks Cube - Heavy and Functional

This Rubik's Cube is made out of bronze and can be used just like a regular Rubik's Cube even if there's no difference of the faces to try and solve. So even if it's "useless" it's still a lovely item and an impressive build.


Picture of Bronze Rubiks Cube - Heavy and Functional
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rolijubilee6 years ago
brail color names for the pattern.
Now THAT is a really COOL  idea. !
Goodhart6 years ago
I guess, if you really wanted to (so as not to mar the Brass features too much) you could place a color dot on each face to make it "a more challenging solve"  :-) 
Maybe an engraved texture, or brazed-on wire patterns would be appropriate?
Of course,  now why didn't I think of that?  (stuck on color squares I guess).
Ooh!  I like the idea of brazed patterns :)
Or maybe different types of mineral plates. like gold ,(bronze) ,copper ,silver ,steel , aluminum , ivory.
There you go,  one could even use the alchemist's symbol for each "metal" made of the metal it stands for.
zascecs6 years ago
Well, this one should be pretty easy to solve! =) 
Kairah6 years ago
 It looks like it could use some lubricant!
lemonie6 years ago
Yes, I like it.
Artist says:
I view the Universe – or all observable phenomena – to be a purely subjective concept, best defined as the intersecting agreement between all potential subjectivities.


Shadowman396 years ago
Pretty neat! I'd want to see one made of gold. ;-)
I tried to make one out of Knex one time, but it didn't work.
Those things still mystify me. lol
Find a REALLY cheap one at a garage sale or something, and take it apart.  They are deceptively simple inside
Cool, By the way please check out my new bug report.
Ok ?  :-) 
Ok,  I'm confused now  :-) 
Nevermind :-) That's fine. lol
MegaMaker6 years ago
How heavy is it?
MotaBoi6 years ago
 I was just wondering... 
1) Can u solve the rubiks cube
2) Do you have stickers
Ha Ha cool. First view!!