Proud to be British...?

Everybody knows the British Holidaymaker - sandals, socks, egg-and-chips-twice, can't-get-a-decent-cup-of-tea, no matter what the climate.

That image may have to be redefined, downwards, with the release of a selection of genuine complaints from Brits returning from foreign parts.

My favourite is "I think it should be explained in the brochure that the local store does not sell proper biscuits like custard creams or ginger nuts."

Daily Telegraph story.

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Umm, your image problem isnt' the tourist, when I think England the immediate mental image is Burbery clad Chavs hopped up on cider stabbing people. that and the pervasive CCTV's
In fairness, there is a surprising amount of that in places.
How/Why did Burbery get so popular with the chavs?
PKM bumpus8 years ago
Bumpus, seriously man, what is it with you and chavs? You need to come on a field trip here so I can take you to Harlow or Stevenage, it'll be like a safari ;) It was probably aspirational- at one point they only made expensive quality clothing so perhaps some chavs with above average sense of being different took it up, and the cycle of aspiration-demand-knockoffs-abandonment by original customer base happened. When I was a teenager a friend (who was an extreme chav) LOLed at me that I didn't have any Burberry clothing- I pointed out to him that the horrible black synthetic-felt-like-fabric waistcoat my dad was wearing at the time was Burberry :) He didn't like Burberry so much after that :D
bumpus PKM8 years ago
I think a field trip to the UK would be much fun.
Kiteman (author)  bumpus8 years ago
Look, grand visistors come across big water in silver bird!
No idea, maybe it's that there's an abundance of the fake stuff knocking around.
Cos init, You know what I mean, You know what i mean tho. Init
These people! ARGH! These are the people that shop in my store and make a fuss about everything. These are the people that ask where the nonfiction section is and if the books are in "any sort of order." :(
Isn't it a wee bit obvious? Alphabetical by author + divided by subjects...
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