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Firefox 3.0 RC 1 takes the lead on speed.

The Mozilla dev team claims to have squeezed more performance out of Firefox 3.0. The betas were fast, so has the team been able to get more out of their code?

Over the past few months I have benchmarked several incarnations of Firefox 3.0 beta. My last benchmark of Firefox 3.0 (using the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark), which looked at Beta 5, showed the browser to be the fastest of the pack, comfortably beating all the competition.

UPDATE: I just upgraded: there is no "back page" button, and most of my extension are GONE: chatzilla had an updated version however.

SECOND UPDATE: the first update problem was MY fault :-)

FireFox 3.0 RC 1 news blog.

The Beta is available here !

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gmoon9 years ago
What's the current state of FF3? Is it stable enough to replace I ask because FireFox 2.x has begun prodding me to upgrade to V3.... (and I pointedly avoid betas or initial releases of anything.)
Goodhart (author)  gmoon9 years ago
gmoon Goodhart9 years ago
Thanks. If I don't read about any security holes on /. , I'll upgrade in a month or two...
Goodhart (author)  gmoon9 years ago
As far as I know (although I haven't heard much lately) it is better then it was.
gmoon Goodhart9 years ago
So a definite maybe? ;-) I'd do it in a second, if it didn't replace the older version....
Goodhart (author)  gmoon9 years ago
I have been running V.3 for awhile now (which doesn't mean anything at all) and last I heard from Znet, it was better....but I don't know how much better.
gmoon Goodhart9 years ago
I'll have to look into it... At least you aren't having any overt problems, so that's cool.
Goodhart (author)  gmoon9 years ago
None that I can blame on the browser anyways LOL
xACIDITYx9 years ago
Is that your picture, or do you run Vista?
Goodhart (author)  xACIDITYx9 years ago
No, I lifted that off the ZDNet site
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