Brutal Baby Carriages

With a stroller like this, nobody's going to complain about your baby crying in the restaurant or wherever else you go.

Hit the link below for more images. It's worth it.


Picture of Brutal Baby Carriages
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lindipowell7 years ago
 fantabulous!!!  im sure there is a market for these..!   (:*
Made of five different kinds of Win.
May contain traces of epic.
Bigev7 years ago
First thought: Steel Armadillo Action.
Second Thought: That's a laser gun attached to the side.
omg its the terminator!!!!!
sorry. overreacting.
when I was a baby, I had a wicker moses basket with white frills.
This is the other end of the scale.
Sandisk1duo7 years ago
that's pretty brutal!
Bartboy7 years ago
Now I'm sure we'd all love to see a Steampunk carriage designed and built by Gmjhowe about now, eh?
wish i had one when i was a baby!!
Goodhart7 years ago
Hmmm,  it'd certainly shy off a baby nabber  :-)

Now, to adapt this to a Hoveround or even a Segway.

Let's also protect out elderly and disables :-) 
Kiteman7 years ago
Good grief, they are downright scary!

(Although, my first thoughts were "think of the fingers!")
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