Bug report - login issues

Late last night (12-1:30 AM Central) and this morning (8:41 AM Central) I was unable to login. It would not accept my password and username. One time I got an invalid password error, but mostly it simply refreshed the page and did nothing. Happily, the problem resolved itself at approximately 8:59 AM Central time this morning. Just FYI. I'm using Chrome on Vista.

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rachel8 years ago
Last night at approximately those times I was releasing a bugfix to the site, which may have caused login issues. I don't know about this morning's problem. It could have been a leftover cache issue. Unfortunately this is almost impossible to diagnose for sure after the fact! Damn computers.
Having similar problems.
It keeps sending me back to login page,instead of my profile.
It doesn't even say "Username or password is incorrect" or something else than Login:.
I am doing this in comments because when I press "Make new topic",it keeps sending me back to Login page and it will stuck in infinite loop of rejection.
Whatever I do,excluding Favorite and comments(and browsing),it keeps doing so.
Please disable all browser add-ons (like AdBlock, GreaseMonkey, or LastPass), and clear your browser's cookies. Then, refresh the page and log back in.

Did that help?
and plus,it DOES say I am logged in(it just says "You",and default profile icon) and it IS logged in.
Lithium Rain (author)  rachel8 years ago
I see. But why don't you just use Eric's time machine?

Haha! A sentiment I often share. :-D
Chicken22098 years ago
problem fixed! you logged in :D