Build Custom Robots and Electronics and Design CAD

Here are the services I offer:

1. Custom robotics design and building - price based on product
I can design and/or build you the robot you need to have. I have experience with almost every brand of microcontrollers, as well as experience with PC based control. I know how to use many of the popular robotics sensors and also have a very strong mechanical background.

2. Custom electronic board designs - price based on product
I can design and/or build a certain electronics circuit board , such as a custom motor driver board or a line following sensor board. The inputs and outputs of these boards can be whatever you want , as I have used almost all forms of interface in my robotics career.

3. CAD Design - $25 usually, but subject to change based on product
I can make a CAD of your product in either Sketchup ,AutoCAD , or Solidworks, or even all three. Here is an example of my work in CAD :

Feel free to email me : airman00 at


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n1cod3mus6 years ago
I'm after a really basic circuit heres what i'm after

3 sets of 3 LEDs i want them to flash in sequence so 1 2 3, 1 2 3, and the speed that they flash should be variable, prehaps with an override so all sets are just on.
the whole lot needs to run off 12v DC e.g. car battery / transformer from 240v

PM me to let me know what can be done.
maudegroup9 years ago
Would it be possible for you to build a custom giant lite brite for us? If so, how much would you charge? It will be a giant wall hanging.
Erobots (author)  maudegroup9 years ago
yes I am able to do this . Please contact me through my email : airman00 at with more info ,Eric
ry259209 years ago
Do you think you could build a very small 3 component board? Well, 7 of them, I can't build a circuit board and I need them for a project. I have it in Eagle format. PM if you can.
Erobots (author) 9 years ago
I'm now officially selling the butler robots Cheers, Eric
Erobots (author) 9 years ago
I am starting to sell lighter versions of Chives , my butler robot It has all the same features , but it is made of light plastic instead of heavy wood Butler robots start at around $4000 , price varies with features included. Email me if you are interested airman00 at