Build My Lab Contest Question

I was wondering if this contest is just about building things or could I enter something along the lines of advice on ergonomic use of microscopes.  I noticed on the contest page under Judges Prize -Lab Hacks it mentions "Do you have simple solutions to common challenges around the lab?..Help make life in lab easier and safer for everyone....".  This would seem to fit but not sure since the contest seems to focus on building equiptment. What do you think?

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Kiteman4 years ago
I've been watching that gif for a while...

...where's the bang?
ChrysN (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Yes a "bang" would seem fitting!
AmyCat594 years ago
Cute lab rat!
it that a lab rat?
ChrysN (author)  liquidhandwash4 years ago
Lol, yes. I just googled lab images and that one caught my eye.
This one's only open to equipment.

Specifically, they're looking for low-cost and easy-to-reproduce lab equipment. :)
ChrysN (author)  jessyratfink4 years ago
Okay, thanks for the quick response.